Poetry is a silent music which flows ceaselessly like an invisible river of emotions striking every chord of the heart ,creating ripples inside the static fountain of life while reverberating notes that touch and caress or sometimes pierce the core of soul .
The chords of this music have to be delicately played and should be smooth in flow.

One who observes the world around with newness and a childlike innocence, who feels every emotion from the core of heart ,who catches the innermost thoughts and expresses through fine words by weaving an imagery and puts life in the pen in form of the blood ink creates the ripple.

Not every poet is same , neither the writing style,genre or topic.
After all poetry isn’t just about language , it is about the underlying thought behind writing that poem.
Poetry is a form of fluid expression which takes a form when painted with the hidden emotions .
The canvas being the life, it gets painted in grey when shades of poverty, corruption and social stigmas effect the soul. It becomes red when the heart is full of passion in love and romance.
It colours green when , the spirit is enthusiastic and splendour of nature adds zeal to it.

Poetry is true reflection of a heart.

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what hence, cried the soul inside
whence I have been trapped
the finely decked upholstery isn't what I long for
see this tapestry too has loosened ends
where would I then find a thread to
stitch my oozing veins
what does the world possess
what shall it thus benign
oh! forget the riches, rubies that shine
the ceaseless gem is yet to be discovered
by the earthly rulers and
so I whine!