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" Soumya Vilekar is a soul who continues to purely connect Life and Beyond through mastering the sublime energy within her to connect the Divine expression through her exquisite and charming words and exudes positive vibrations with the great intention of projecting soulful direction to humanity. She does not create a phenomena, but is herself a phenomenon." - remarked by SSD - extract from book: 'Suroor of the Soul' (page -xi).

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​​Life is a beautiful journey which has different contours throughout its path and is varicolored. Each one of us have experienced its different façade  of joy, sorrow, sadness, grief, misery and the virtual happiness at some moment or other in life. What we see or acknowledge here on earth as human form is just a part of a wonderful enchanting journey. Life beyond death is another comprehension and very few or rarely anyone believes or tries to have any thought about it. As in school, the way we pass out and get promoted to the above grade or level, thus is the examination of life, where we get onto the next level after we overcome the obstacles or hurdles laid in our life in form of small shortcomings and troubles. The promotion here is unseen and not visible to the naked eye of man and hence less believed.The stratum of our existence keeps on changing every birth and even after our death. As we all know according to Newton’s third law of motion, “For any action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

 Hence for all the actions of our life done knowingly or unknowingly, there exists a reaction, i.e. an outcome of all the deeds, known better as Karma. We are all bound by the strings of the strong hold of this karma and hence we are bound to equate that equation before our existence is nulled …either in this birth or in the subsequent ones. Such is the journey of our soul, even after death that it traverses through the infinite, trying to touch the ultimate goal of its birth ,yet is unable to do so and for this shortcoming, it  rebirths on earth. The journey of a soul after death is not always beautiful, but it solely depends on the disposition it had towards its fellow beings on earth. Even though it is able to overview the mistake of its behavior and nature of its life on earth, still the soul needs to get through the cycle once again to eradicate the negativities unless what is left is just a pure entity. Until all the equations get equaled, nothing in this life or nature ends or finishes. The cycle is endless and ceaseless, unless the soul finally assimilates with the Supreme.

- In an interview  about Life after Death and Rebirth